Welcome to The Hangover Guide! This website is dedicated to those who like to party and especially party a little harder than the rest. Like my dad used to say too much of a good thing is never a good thing. The same is true for partying like a Rock Star. Unless you have some magical remedy or know how to drink you might be waking up the next morning after the big event feeling like you got hit by a bus with a splitting headache, a nausea feeling and saying those iconic words: “I’m never drinking again”. That’s what you call a hangover my friend!

Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it.

I’ve had them to many times to count, especially in my early college years where drinking a lot was the cool thing to do. It’s our body’s way of getting back at us for putting to much strain on it and pumping it full of stuff it really doesn’t like. So I thought I can’t be the only one struggling with hangovers? Why not create a website and blog about all the ways and remedies out there to prevent those dreadful morning afters?

Here at the Hangover guide we’ll be testing out and reviewing a list of home remedies, pills, drinks and more that supposedly helps with hangovers. My personal remedy for a tough night out was too never mix different types of drinks, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before going to bed and making sure I get lots of rest.

However this hangover solution has it’s cons as well because how can you get 10 hours of sleep when you have to be back at work in the morning or you forget to drink tons of water because you were just to wasted? Luckily we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of our favorite posts on hangover remedies to get you started.

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