Tumblr is full of things that one can only be described as over 18. Take these “just friends with benefits Tumblr gifs” list I’m putting together for you here. Basically most of the gifs on Tumblr and many other sites I’ve gathered information from talks about sex. Although being just friends with benefits can include these things it can also be way simpler than that. If you’ve never been in such a situation it’s basically a relationship between two people who know each other very well but lacks in commitment. I believe that these kind of relationships almost always ends in someone getting hurt. At least eventually when the fun stops. It can also mean losing a friend.

In this list we’re going to take a closer look at this relationship agreement or whatever you’d like to call it.

just friends with benefits tumblr gif relationship image


A true relationship


I’ve always thought of a great relationship being like dating your best friend. Also known as dating a friend with the added benefits of love and a lasting relationship. Here the Tumblr gif shows two people happily in love and enjoying each others company without wondering what there boundaries are and if they’re starting to get too attached. Here James Franko bites his girl’s nose as a joke. I doubt you would be able to do this while keeping a straight face in a FWB arrangement. You would probably wonder if you went too far, people would start asking if you’re a couple and the situation would get weird quick.


Ending up in FWB without even trying


I’m no relationship expert but some people always end up being the friend and nothing more. This Tumblr gif is actually the exact opposite of friends with benefits. It reads: “Always the friend, never the girl”. I don’t really have any advice for situations like these. Unfortunately some people tend to see simple flirtation or time spent together as more than just what it is. They want a relationship with the person, but end up realizing they only want to be friends. I can be heart breaking, but sometimes these lessons need to be learned…


When you don’t want just FWB

I hung out with a guy I thought I could grow to really like… He just wanted to be friends with benefits.

Relationships are tricky. Think of it this way: two people basically need to consent to wanting almost exactly the same thing. In this gif from Imgur Ariel shows you exactly how to act when you get the news that he just want to be friends with benefits. Okay, not really, that was just a stupid joke. I think telling a girl that is a really big insult. It’s like saying: Your’e not really worth my time, but when I do have some time let’s make out just for fun, no strings attached. Either both parties agree to it or you don’t waste each other’s time.


What kind of benefits?


That moment when you’re friend proposes that you try to be just friends with benefits and you’re like: “What benefits?”. Here this Tumblr gif from an old school Charlie’s Angels movie says it all. If your’e asking these kind of questions, chances are you’ve already decide to give FWB a try.

Which “just friends with benefits Tumblr gifs” can you relate the most to?