Let’s get something straight: we do not want to discriminate against midgets in any way. In fact I actually have a friend that is one and people love the guy. I’m not sure what he would think about people looking for midget Google images online, but hey, that’s life. People are interested by things that are different and normal in their eyes.

Here’s a dwarf called Peter Drinklage who is a very popular character in the hit television series called Game Of Thrones.

midget google images


Real-Life 7 Dwarfs Interviewed by Barbara Walters

The first piece on our list is a video about a family of midgets interviewed by the television network ABC. If you want to get an insight in these people’s live, since they are human just like you and me, watch this video. It’s actually heartbreaking. They talk about there family, challenges and how they even adopted other kids just like them. It’s amazing to see these dwarfs overcoming adversity and being successful in life.


Yoda the midget cat

Yoda The Midget Cat

If you need to Google some kind of image, search for this one on Imgur. It’s probably one of the cutest cats alive that looks just like Yoda from Star Wars. He looks so cuddly, fluffy and cute with his miniature paws. I just want to hug him to pieces!


Mr Midget T

Just a couple of drunk guys with an inebriated Mr T midget.

You know back in college there was always that one person everyone wanted to hang out with? This guy basically knew everyone when he walked into a bar and was an absolute legend. This mini version of Mr T seems like he fits the description. He probably has taken more images with drunk people or people at bars than paparazzi of the Kardashian’s. What a legend. He’s image should be on the front page when you search for “midget Google images”. I wish I had my picture taken with him. It sounds like one of those epic nights you tell your grand kids about one day.


Jokes all around

This question bugged me for a while

I would imagine that there are lots of nasty jokes about dwarfs floating around the internet. I’m not even going to waste my time with that. However I think this one isn’t that bad. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone by posting this image here. It’s that’s classic Dinosaur meme and says: “If a midget smokes weed, does he get high or medium”. Okay I’m starting to feel bad that I added it to the list, so that’s enough jokes for now.


Feeling like the smallest person in the world

My wife is 5’4″. Not a midget like this pic would suggest. This is why his name is Titan.

Here’s an image that would make anyone feel like a short person. It’s an image on Imgur showing an abnormally big dog. Like the pictures says: The girl isn’t a midget, but the dog seems to be at least a head above her in length. Where did they get this mutant? I’m ¬†pretty sure he’s the best guard dog in the world. Nobody will ever think about breaking into their home for sure.