Previously I started writing blog posts on cool t-shirts I found online since I really didn’t have any other idea what to do with this blog, so far I think it’s turned out great. Sticking with the same theme, I was browsing the same online clothing store that designed the whiskey themed shirts and saw they released another new one called “Coffee Days, Whiskey Nights” – what a brilliant analogy, don’t you think?

This whiskey shirt is only focused on girls and I can definitely see some of my whiskey drinking girlfriends (women friends, not literally girlfriends) wearing these. Show me which women out there don’t like to wake up with a cup of coffee, sure you get some tea drinkers, but coffee’s the way to go. And from what I’ve come to notice now, there’s a lot more whiskey drinkers among girls than I imagined.

Here’s what you get when you mix these two things together – hint you might know this one:

I’m not sure if it’s the best designed t-shirt but this will make a great gift for a Whiskey drinking, coffee morning wake up mom, girlfriend or spouse. Unfortunately I don’t have any hangover tips for you on this one as I did touch base on hangovers and whiskey in my first t shirt post. Come to think of it the coffee in the morning, and probably during the day – depending how bad the hangover is, might just what you need to get over drinking too much.

Anyway here’s the shirt I’m talking about, they have it in tank tops as well:

coffee days whiskey nights shirt

You can buy the “Coffee days, Whiskey nights” shirt at Tee Spring: