Hangovers are only funny when you’re not the one having them. We can all agree on that. We’ve decided to put together a list of funny hangover pics that can give you a few laughs and can serve as a warning before you go on another binge.

The Movie.

funny hangover pictures of the movie

The first image is from none other the The Hangover movie. It’s basically the go to reference for all drunken evenings and this picture with Chang and the monkey stays timeless. This movie had some hilarious moments all fueled by way too much booze. If you haven’t seen it before where have you been for the past 5 years?


Party bragging images

This is a typical image of someone excited to get their evening started. You probably know what I’m talking about. While partying you and all your friends take pictures of all the alcohol you consumed and are busy consuming. However few photos are taken of the next day and what’s waiting for you: Hangover.


Obama Zinger

Obama Hangover 3 Zinger

Here’s something all of us can relate to and you’ll see why in a second. In this meme from on Imgur Barack Obama gives the former Hangover star a low blow saying: “That sorta be like doing a third Hangover movie. Didn’t work out very well, did it?”. The fact is this picture reminds me of myself in my earlier constant party days. I would always start the night by having a few drinks, get some kind of buzz going and then reach the tipping point. Either I stop and feel like a normal person the next morning or, I continue drinking and feel an inner sense of regret. Have you ever noticed the tipping point?


The Scottish awake

The Scottish awake… at 5PM due to a dreadful hangover. Shite bacon begon!

What’s worse than waking up knowing you drank too much the night before? Waking up at 5 am not being able to sleep or recover any further. That’s the worst and I’ve experienced that before. It feels like your to tired to go to sleep and throw in a few of the nasty effects of a hangover then you’re on your way to hell. Luckily the Scott’s have a solution, a very oily one. I’m not sure what would happen to you if you ate all the food in this pic with a hangover, but some will definitely help you feel better.


Drunken Cats

The Hangover

There’s no real relation to this list of images mentioned here and cats, but we love cute cats. If you don’t think this cat funny hangover picture is cute, then there’s something wrong with you.


Ron Swanson I’ve never been…

Ron Swanson has never had a hangover

We’re not really sure if Ron Swanson is serious in this image. He probably isn’t. However we all have that one friend that either never gets hangovers or brags that he doesn’t. This reminds me exactly of that. I’ve got one of those friends. No matter how hard he went the night before, the next morning he’s up at the break of dawn walking around like it’s just another normal day. No side effects.


When you hate your life

If your unlucky enough someone took a photo of you in the past at one of your weakest moments. This unlucky fellow not only had his hangover image taken, but also had it uploaded to the web for all to see. Poor guy.


Repeat these words: I’m never drinking again…

Out of all the hangover pictures we posted this probably the funniest of them all. Dog don’t really throw up in toilets. The don’t drink either, but humans do and often times way to much. We’ve all been there.

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