Today we wanted to see how sharp you are. Is your brain strong enough and can you handle these mind tricks or are you as confused as this little animal below? We’ll find out soon enough!

is your brain strong enough to handle these mind tricks

It’s no secret that people love things that are weird. That’s why we’ve created a list of weird mind boggling images and videos, maybe even some quizzes, that are sure to make you question weather your brain has the power you think it does. If for some reason you don’t understand these mind tricks, don’t feel bad. We don’t understand all of them either.


The classic moving image trick

Mind tricks

Before Facebook and viral quizzes was a thing these kind of images that totally screw with your mind was all over the place. Apparently this image from Imgur is not really moving, instead it’s your eye’s that are making them move. If you stare at one spot for a while you’ll actually see the images stop moving. Don’t stare at this image too long though, you brain might explode. Just kidding…


Jedi’s know all the real mind tricks

Your Jedi Mind tricks won’t work on me

This list won’t be complete without the help of our little master Jedi friend, Yoda. This guy knows everything there is about playing tricks on your mind. Watch a few of those old Star Wars movies and you’ll see what I mean. Half the time you don’t even understand what he’s saying.


Science water phenomenon

* Water tricks That’ll bLoW Your Mind

I’ve never really been into science so I can’t explain why all these water tricks take place. I just know that they look awesome. The pepper trick is my favorite one. You probably have to be a brainiac to give the scientific explanation behind these occurrences.


Train your brain to fool your friends

If looking at these mind tricks isn’t enough for you, this video will teach you do to understand and do them yourself. The Talko YoutTube video channel shows you how to train your brain and teaches you to understand some of the most popular mind tricks used in television and media. They have ten deceiving tasks for you to learn. This could be a great party trick to those willing to take the time to master it.



Last, but not least we have a video on illusions. This one will definitely help you test your brain power and see whether you are advanced or not. Or maybe it won’t, I’m not a scientist. Even as I’m typing this article the damn images in the video won’t stop moving. Remember to check out the “road illusion” image, that’s a simple trick that I believe catches a lot of people off guard.

After going through this list only one question remains: “Is your brain strong enough to handle these mind tricks?” Or do you feel like me friend Jackie Chan scratching your head not knowing if the world is spinning or standing still?