We’ve all had those mornings where you woke up and felt like you had the worst hangover in the history of man. Today I want to give you a solution to those dreadful after effects of partying to hard and so the Never Hungover drink review was born. NH contains tons of beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins that combat the effects of drinking too much alcohol has on your body. It was created by Parrish Whitaker whose father, in an attempt to save his sister from Lupus, donated his kidney to her. During this time their doctor prescribed a nutrient rich antioxidant formula for them to recover. Parrish noticed the positive effect the formula had on his family members and started experimented on other uses for it. He found it a great solution for hangovers and so Never Hungover was born!

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Stop the hangover from ever happening: how it works?

As mentioned NH contains all the vitamins and nutrients you need to avoid the effects of a hangover. When consuming alcohol, toxins known as acetaldehyde are formed in our body which Never Hungover turns into acetic acid. These acids are then flushed out by our bodies and which leaves you feeling great and most of all without a hangover the next morning. To get the best results they advise you to drink NH about an hour before drinking or while drinking. For those hard drinkers it’s best to drink a shot of Never Hungover with every 4-5 drinks you have.

Never Hungover drink review


Never Hungover ingdredients

  • Potassium: When drinking lots of alcohol your body dehydrates but you also loose potassium. NH helps you keep those potassium levels normal so that you have normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Milk thistle: This natural ingredient helps detoxify and protect liver function.
  • Vitamin B: Prevent memory loss, and keep energy levels high.
  • Green tea extract: These added antioxidants clean up the blood stream by promoting blood and oxygen flow.
  • Aloe Vera: Toxins build up when drinking alcohol. The Aloe Vera in NH has anti-bacterial properties that cleanse the body of those toxins.


  • Combats the effects of a hangover
  • caffeine and gluten free.
  • Contains zero carbs, calories, or sugars
  • Is produced in America
  • Can be taken in the form of a shot or mixer
  • Can get a free trial version here

What customers are saying

Never Hungover has even been used by some celebrities who all think the product is pretty great. Some of them include all time hard partiers Paris Hilton and Seth Green. Take a look at the video below for some more testimonials about the product.

What does it cost and where to buy it

Never Hungover can currently be bought via a few online retailers. Our favorite place to buy NH is directly from their website. It comes available in a 2 oz travel size or 750 ml bottle. A 6 pick of the 2 oz bottles will cost you around $18 where a 2 pack of the 750ml bottle will cost $39.99. You can ever sign up for a monthly subscription if you know you’ll be partying hard the up and coming weeks. However for a limited time you can get a free pack of Never Hungover below.

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