In its basic form, a hangover is a nasty feeling caused by effects of past events or in most cases, excessive drinking of alcohol. It can last from a few hours to some days. While in most cases only occur in the morning hours or at the late hours of the day, it’s not uncommon for some people to experience a two day hangover that extends to 2 days. This often times makes a person to become anxious, confused and may even lead to depression. In a nutshell, a 2 day hangover can cause great suffering to individuals. The question then is: what causes two day hangovers and how can you ensure you don’t suffer from this? Below is all you need to know in relation to preventing and getting rid of a two-day hangover. Check out the video below, maybe this is how you felt two days later?

Common causes of 2 day hangover:

  • Overindulgence in alcohol consumption – individuals who consume alcohol for an extended duration of time without taking breaks often experience prolonged feelings of headaches, nausea and lack of energy that can even extend to two days.
  • Gross wrongdoing – acts of gross misconduct are often followed by feelings of shame, regret, agony and lack of clear thinking. The act of constant flashback to the gross acts is almost always followed by depression and self bashing.

How to stop yourself from getting a two day hangover:

Being hung over for 2 days can have debilitating effects on your health and social life. But not to worry though. Below are useful tips on how you can prevent a two day hangover;

  • Drink a lot of water – Water is a vital fluid in the body as it cleanses the body’s systems and also enables circulation of blood and nutrients. Most importantly, water helps in diluting substances such as alcohol thus lowering their effect on your body.
  • Consume enough carbohydrates – Bland foods rich in carbohydrates raise the blood sugar level and are easily digested in the stomach. This translates to supplying the body with the necessary to overcome and subdue the negative effects of alcohol. In fact, people who eat enough carbohydrates are at a lower risk of suffering from prolonged hangovers.
  • Exercise self control – It’s tempting to overindulge in excesses such as beer consumption during a given occasion or celebration. Nevertheless, you ought to control yourself as overindulgence easily gives way to feeling bad the next day.
  • Have enough rest – It’s always been said change is good as a rest. This old adage can’t be more relevant when it comes to preventing occurrence of two day hangover. Resting allows the body to regain lost energy and also prevents burn out.

The best ways to cure a 2 day hangover
While prevention is a great measure of keeping hangover at bay, it isn’t 100 percent foolproof. Here are ways to cure it quickly when it strikes;

Take red eye mix
Red eye is a mixture of fresh coffee, whiskey, some Tabasco sauce, pepper, a raw egg and orange juice. The mixture first turns the effect mild before making it subside altogether.

A mix of coffee, honey, tonic water and orange juice.
Though the mixture has unsavory taste, it works fast and eliminates the 2 day hangover within a short span of time.

Re-hydrate your body.
Often times, a 2 day hangover is caused by dehydration. Drinking enough water ensures you replenish lost components and balance your body fluids.

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