Now before you go screaming and thinking that I’m trying to vulgar or say nasty words, just have a look once more. On the t-shirt it says “Rock out with your guac out” not cock… See I knew this would make people think twice, that’s why I thought it’s a great shirt. This one I might even get for myself this time, although I’m not big on wearing shirts with words on them – I tend to stick with more stylish clothing.

However, again I’m completely amazed by the creativity of these designers on Tee Spring. These people took one very popular and slightly rude / vulgar saying, turned it into something people would second guess (that’s actually harmless) and mix it with avocados which are pretty awesome if you ask me!

Yes, I said avocados! The guac in “Rock out with your guac out” is actually talking about avocados.

You can see what I’m talking about here:

Here’s a video about guac and believe me when I say it’s probably the most random video you’ve seen in your entire life.

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