Let’s get real for a second: this list is kind off random. It’s a list about random funny and insightful ametures around the internet. An ameture is someone like a rookie who is just starting out in their career. If you landed here looking for some weird over 18 pictures and videos you’re going to be disappointing. We don’t show those kind of things here and you probably shouldn’t even be searching for them online. Rant over.

If you’re still a rookie, don’t worry because we all had to start somewhere. An ameture tends to have this type of look on their face when starting out in their profession and have it often. They be like: “What’s going on now, please help?”

Picture of an ameture

Listen here Noob

This probably has happened to noobs and novices alike. You try to brag about one of your achievements and right there and then someone comes strolling along schooling you in mere seconds. This funny meme says it all. The young soldier is getting some advice from a much more experienced one. Take a look at his medals compared to the younger version of him. Someone had the great idea to add the meme text to it. Spot on.


Rookie mistake

Rookie mistake

Ametures make a lot of mistakes. Heck any person makes mistakes and that’s normally how you learn,¬†improve your skills and develop character as a person. This pic from Imgur.com is a classic explanation of making a rookie mistake that can cost you your job or respect. The guy with the pipe asks the owl why he’s looking so down. The owl replies that he’s been fired from Hogwarts. When the man asks why, the owl replies that he mistakenly called the headmaster (Dumbledore) Gandalf. It’s an inside joke that most readers will hopefully get. Still an excellent example of how to keep your mouth shut or have proper knowledge before speaking if you’re still in the ameture leagues.


Jumping the gun

Rookie mistake

Rookies love to make this mistake and do so often. Have you ever experienced this? I have, many times. You start something new and without thinking it through do specific tasks that end up in complete utter failure. Part of not being an amateur is learning to be patient and gaining wisdom before you act. This meme from Imgur.com says just that. The dude was so excited to post a funny meme and dreamed of getting a gazillion hits. However in the process he completely forget to check his spelling and looked like a fool. Like the meme says, the image ended up getting more down votes and became one the least popular memes of the day. Classic impatient rookie mistake.

Wherever you are at this point in your life, ameture or expert, there’s always something you can learn to improve in your career, life or projects. Get out there and become a master!