I hate getting a hangover! How about you? That being said I’m sure you’re not feeling very motivated to read about how to get rid of your hangover so I’ve decided to cut to the chase and create my ULTIMATE GUIDE. Below you’ll find my favorite list of things to do to get over your hangover or at least make the trip a little bit easier.

This website gets over 5000 visitors per month mostly from the USA so this guide is created mainly for them. If you’re from a different country I’m sure you’ll still find it usefull.

Step 1: Food

Get some food in your stomach and rehydrate your body! My favorite hangover food normally contains eggs, toast, black coffee and lots of water. I might throw in a few pain pills if my head is pounding…

eggs and toast

Step 2: Lay back and chill

I normally don’t have energy to do much when I’m hungover so I recover with a nice dose of movie / TV / series entertainment. Here are a few great options to choose from:

CBS All AccessChoose from over 7500 episodes that you can watch live. They’ve got a lot of great series available from Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, CSI, even McGyver and lots more! What’s even better is that you can try it for free for 1 week… Deal FlicksIf you’ve got the energy going out for a movie at your nearest cinema could be pretty relaxing and help you forget all about your hangover. Why not save money on movie tickets with Deal Flicks then?
cbs2 df2


Step 3: No-brainer activities

If you get bored try to do some general activities like scrolling through a few news magazines, Instagram or Facebook on your iPhone or even trying your luck at some competitions. Emphasis on no brainer and zero effort! Here’s a few you might enjoy.

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nfl small bbsmall doritossmall


Step 4: Chill some more and play games

By now you might be starting to feel like a normal human again so this is usually when I take out my favorite gaming console and go a few rounds with my favorite game. Here are some great ideas for your gaming binge.

Game Fly: If you’re super lazy you can rent some games from Game Fly. They’ve got over 8000 titles and they’ve also got a free trail available. They’ve also got game streaming which is perfect for a hangover… Loot CrateUnleash your inner geek with Loot Crate. If you like gaming, Anime and comics, LC is for you. It’s also pretty relaxing doing some online shopping on their site. Give it a try…
gf lc


Step 5: Getting serious, planning ahead and prevention

At this point in time you’ve probably had another meal and might be over the whole hangover thing (hopefully). You might get the realization that within a few days you’ve got another party and to experience this Hangover again might just kill you. You’re left with the option of either not drinking at all or just drinking a lot less – both are sometimes not possible in a party environment. Better stock up on some hangover prevention meds… Luckily Amazon’s got some great options to choose from. You could even have them shipped in time for the next party…

Step 6: For the unlucky ones…

This is for those that are at work and don’t have the day off… If by any chance you’re such a bad ass that you party during a week night and need to go to work the next morning my first response would be: “hats off to you” and secondly you should probably give step 5 a try.

Thanks for giving this guide a try.

cheers to that