Part of revitalizing this website is bringing you new posts on all kinds of party and alcohol related topics. The latest I’ve discovered are these Whiskey tshirts I’ve found being sold online. If you ask me they are pretty cool and I can really see some of my hardcore whiskey drinking friends wearing these!

Here’s the men’s version:

Here’s the women’s version:

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Although these shirts are sold on most t shirt market places (Red Bubble, Tee Spring, Zazzle and Amazon) I personally like the men’s design and thought my girl friend might like the animal print one. I’m going to start doing this on a regular basis where I show you all kind of cool products online. If you like what you’re reading hit that share button – it means a lot.

Whiskey and hangovers

Whiskey comes in many shapes and sizes with the more expensive whiskey being created by more time consuming and expensive processes than cheaper versions. Those of you that like to party or have a drink with friends often, whiskey is supposed to not give you such bad hangovers. From what I’ve heard people say, the better quality the alcohol you consume, the less chances are you’ll be getting a hangover the next. Keep in mind though that whiskey isn’t for everyone as it has an acquired taste and if you’ve got a taste for the better quality whiskey’s out there chances are it won’t be cheap. I’ve tried drinking whiskey myself, but have noticed myself sticking to beer and other alcoholic drinks however from time to time, a whiskey can be a good idea.

My personal experience with Whiskey has been on and off. Some times I’ve gotten the worst hangovers and other times I was fine the next day. It all comes to show that getting a hangover isn’t really an exact science and there are a lot of factors that come into play.

Different types of whiskey

Find out more about whiskey by watching the video below.


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